Can it be? Is this semester really over?

I’m Rachael Silverstein, but more importantly—I’m totally flabbergasted that my time as a copywriting intern at Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners is already coming to an end. Actually, my quickly approaching last day was supposed to be on Friday, December 13th, but that just seemed like too ominous a way to leave such a wonderful experience. So my wish has been granted to keep going strong until the rest of the office breaks for the holidays on the 23rd. This way, I’ll be able to drown my sorrows in Christmas cookies.

Looking back on my internship, I can easily say it’s been the most influential one yet. I’ve interned in several different types and sizes of offices, but I’m leaving RTO+P without a doubt in my mind that a small agency setting is the right fit for me. This place has been large enough to expose me to a slew of inspiring people in the industry, but intimate enough that I’ve gotten a chance to know many of them quite personally. I really value the connections I’ve made at the agency and the helpful feedback they’ve given me, but there’s one person in particular who has made my time at RTO+P unforgettable and helped me grow as a writer and overall creative thinker.


Here’s a picture of Joe and me in one of our accidental matching ensembles. Historically, the standard for creative pairings in advertising is one copywriter and one art director. Well, we like to say that, together, we make up 3x the copywriter and 1/2 an art director.

Joe joined RTO+P as a copy intern about a month into my time there. Before him, I was the only one. When I first heard we’d be getting another writer, I became a nervous, jealous wreck. I was so prepared to dislike him, because I was determined to make a name for myself.

Well, it’s been two months, and I’ve learned that teamwork is amazing if you find the right people. At first, I’d hide any assignments I was working on so I could take all the credit. But what fun is that? Once I let go of my competitive, overprotective nature, I found that some of my best ideas came out when we wrote together. Actually, all of them. Sure, it’s not the “norm” for two copywriters to be a team. But in this industry, what is normal?

My last day at Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners will be a sad one for me, but the things I’ve learned and the people I’ve met are going to stick with me for a very long time. Who knows, maybe I’ll even be back someday.

‘Til then.


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