Sad to leave Famehouse…

Having worked here for a few months, I must say I will be sad to leave. It has been a wonderful experience at Famehouse. I have learned a ton of new things about graphic design, and though I am nowhere near the skill level of other graphic designers, I definitely know more going out than I did coming in. I have been able to work on projects ranging from photo edits to a mini mural painting to initial design of social media banners for clients. It has been rewarding to see some of the things I produce, on the Facebook of a client for example.

I think the size of Famehouse makes it that much more likable. There are around forty employees, more or less, and everyone knows each other, everyone helps each other out, there are bagels for the staff in the kitchen every Monday morning, and sometimes people go out together. Most people have a common interest in the work they are doing and enjoy the music, so it is easy to make friends and do things together.

I did not really know what to expect going into this internship. I knew Famehouse focused primarily on the music industry, and that’s about it. It has been a great three months, filled with different tasks, learning the adobe software, and learning the aesthetics of social media ads. I learned about the word limit in the Facebook cover photo, I learned about the dimensions needed for promo ads, I learned about logos and twitter dimensions.

I also had the opportunity to paint a mini mural on the glass window of the creative office. It is pop art themed with two women, one saying “Famehouse” to the other.

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