Sarah Bernhard, Photographer/ Account Planner

I first found Sarah Bernhard on flickr, where I just admired her photographs. I did a little research and found a bunch of information about her that really inspired me. She is an account planner at an advertising agency full time in Hamburg, Germany. However her passion is photography. Honestly, she reminds me a lot of myself!

Her work has a documentary but personal feel to them. She has a way of making you feel as if you are right there with her, experiencing what she is experiencing. She shoots with film, which is one more thing that inspires me, film is definitely not dead! “Sleepless nights” is one of my favorite series.

I actually had a chance to email Sarah a couple of weeks ago since I am thinking of moving to Germany for a year and wanted to get her advice on careers in advertising/ photography.

“The best advice I can give you is to travel – leaving things and starting something new are the best experiences you can make.” -Sarah

Hopefully I will make my way to Germany this year and have a chance to get a cup of coffee with her.

Check out her website to see her beautiful work!

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