Savvy Social Media

Everyone knows that social media is becoming an essential part of most marketing projects. This area of advertising leaves room for creative ideas and unique market opportunities which I have had the opportunity to begin working in through my internship at AdBox360, an Internet Marketing Company.  My first account began with our main client Jack’s Rental Search, a Facebook page that allows students in universities nationwide to search for off campus housing conveniently and socially.

So far my experience has greatly improved my organizational skills as well as my personal communication skills. I was lucky enough to act as an account manager with this specific project and work closely with the owner of Jack’s to execute many facets of social media advertising techniques. I have used Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist, and Marketplace to help get the word out to students nationwide.

This experience so far has made me much more interested in how social media can be used as a major aspect of advertising and I have definitely become much more aware of the benefits it possesses as well as the limitations and technicalities of it.

Throughout the time I have spent working with Jack’s Rental Search we were able to successfully increase our users as well as broaden our reach nationwide. The greatest accomplishment I have experienced so far was the owner of Jack’s Rental Search being featured in Student Housing Gold Book in an article on the use of social media within the real estate industry. This opportunity was a direct result of our social media advertising that was continuously executed since the launch of the Jack’s page in May 2011.

I am excited to continue working closely with Jack’s Rental Search to implement more social media advertising ideas and see the company grow due to a great marketing team that I have had the pleasure to work with.

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