Saying Goodbye to a long Workout



I just had my last day at Weston Fitness, it was a weird change to end, but it is nice to not have to go Center City every other day. As I mentioned in my previous post; overall, the experience was a worthwhile experience. However, it was not very advertising oriented. It taught me more about Marketing, which I found out I enjoyed a lot and I believe that is a big thing to learn in a internship. I came into this internship aware that it was at a gym and the lack of advertisements that would truly be needed, but I am glad I learned about a field I was never interested in, in the past: Marketing. I believe through an internship finding out things within the real world that you enjoy and  you don’t enjoy is the biggest gain you can receive. It sets yourself up for a real life job and what direction, in the future, you can see yourself working for 40 hours a week. Although I have enjoyed advertising classes at Temple, I realized that doing projects in school is not the same in the real world. In school you have much more freedom and space for creativity. The real world, complete opposite. You are told in what places to put certain objects and the lack of creativity would be a burden on me, since that’s the one true passion I had for advertising. Overall, I think this internship taught me more than expected. I learned about myself and what future I wish to have, and I would not ask for anything more to have accomplished.

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