The National Museum of American Jewish History is located in Philadelphia’s Independent Hall (within Center City). The museum prides itself in celebrating American Jewish culture, providing resources for the American Jewish community and educating other members of the Philadelphia community about American Jewish history.

My internship experience at the museum’s gift shop has been fabulous. The staff is very friendly and welcoming and it is refreshing to see how much the staff genuinely cares about the museum. I have witnessed how a business is run and I’ve learned how to manage a website from the back-end.

Past advertising lessons have been reiterated. In advertising we learn the significance of knowing as much about the target audience as possible. Since I am occasionally assigned to write copy for gift shop items, I’ve had to do a lot of independent research in order to communicate with the American Jewish community more efficiently.

This experience has exceeded my expectations and I encourage other students to apply to NMAJH’s internship program as well.