Shape-up for the New Year with Skechers

I don’t think there were any knockout holiday spots this year. There was some singing, dancing, and shopping, but nothing too memorable (at least not for me) until I saw this Skechers ad. This spot is clever in that it’s positioned for everyone. Getting your wife or significant other a treadmill, or any piece of workout equipment for that matter, as a holiday gift is like admitting she has a fault that you would like fixed. Although some would appreciate it, women generally don’t want to hear that especially not around this time. It’s like getting your mom a toaster and then asking her to make you some toast.

It’s beside the point that Brooke Burke was a career model/TV host long before shape-ups, but the spot sounds more endearing than critical coming from a woman. I used to cringe at the voice on this Reebok commercial. “Better legs and a better bud?” What!? She was scared to say “butt.” Have faith in your product. Say the tag line with confidence! Anyway, the abstract (altruistic) benefit of shape-ups is to get a workout without feeling like one is getting a workout. The gift giver can take credit for any physical progress. How very slick that is. We’re not sure from the get go what the Reebok spot is about; it would seem that it’s geared toward men. The Skechers spot ropes in men with the “tighter core” and the ambiguous cousin (maybe it’s a guy… maybe not) who’s posture needs fixing. It goes both ways.

Overall, the delivery is clever in that it mentions most demographics and the specific usage benefits all the while showing concern for the well being of family. And most importantly, her man is getting a sexier her. “I’m not only the president I’m also a member.”

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