Showbiz valuable but maybe not my choice for the future

Hey everyone my name is Alex Garcia and I’m in the Art Direction track. I’m currently an intern for philly2night where I do some of their design work and web sites. I’ve been interning there since the beginning of summer. I have to say it’s been a cool experience, I’ve learned a lot and it definitely showed me another branch of marketing/advertising, which would be the entertainment one. The thing is, is this where I want to be in the future? And I’m going to go with no. Why? Well even though we do design work, it’s really not that creative in the sense that it’s usually the same target audience and they reach them the same way most of the times. For example many bars just want the specials and basically hot girls on their promotions, I know sex sells but they like to advertise that way, it’s what the client wants, it’s their money. We are constrained to a certain point when we want to be creative. I’m not saying pass on an opportunity like this, because the way I like to see it is any experience is valuable, you can take good things out of everything and use it in the next place you work or intern. Internships also help you decide what kind of environment you want to work in and what kind of agency, so this is very helpful. For me, probably won’t be this type of place but I would like to go to a bigger agency and see how that works out.

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