Skai Blue Media: Internship Experience

Nervous. Excited. I had a rush of feelings when I first started my Internship with Skai Blue Media. Looking back on my first day, any anticipation I had, I left at the door as I stepped foot in the office. I was so warmly welcomed by everyone and was eager to get to work. Prior to starting, I had never considered working in PR, and honestly was unaware of the industry.
As far as the office atmosphere, I am pleasantly surprised by how compatible and open everyone is, especially working with such a small group a people. In PR, connections are everything, in the industry as well as the office. It’s interesting to witness first hand the dynamic of the employees and how everyone works together. They have a unique system and have full confidence in each other. As my internship is nearing towards the end, I’ve learned a great deal about PR and how a small business works.

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