Smith and Wesson “Target” Women

Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. has typically been a man’s brand: even the landing page of their website screams Male Cop and/or Military Veteran With No Regard For Style Whatsoever. The company sells security equipment, handcuffs, and above all, firearms. Apparently, nearly 20 million women in America own guns – yet find that they have no where remotely stylish to put them while carrying. The company’s line, coming out this fall, will be designed in-house by Julie Golob, a world champion shooter herself.

Often when a clothing line targeted to one gender attempts to switch genders for the sake of expansion, mixed reviews are received (cue Forever 21 for men). However, in this case, the company is still targeting (no pun intended) a specific demo: gun owners. Why shouldn’t women be included in on the apparel lines?

The best part: THANKFULLY, this line is steering clear of typical men-turned-women-branding cliches, i.e. everything produced in pink and/or pink camouflage. Apparel will be designed around practicality, with jackets produced in blue and gray colors, featuring concealed-carry pockets and tasteful zipper pulls and buttons. Even the print ads, an example posted above, maintain a serious, no-frills feel, communicating that this is for women who are serious about firearms.

Source: AdWeek

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