So Many Changes

My name is Stefania Marsico and I am currently interning at LevLane advertising in the account management department. I have been at LevLane for two months now and have already learned so much. In the account management department I have had the opportunity to work with a lot of LevLane’s clients. I have become familiar with each and every campaign, and I am now able to put through jobs, and make change requests for work that is currently in progress.

This is where I learned that projects will be changed and altered several times before they are published. I knew that clients would change their minds, and obviously the first draft is never final, however I don’t think I ever imagined this many changes!

Things that may seem small like an airplane flying in the sky in a picture are a big deal to a client. There are so many drafts, revisions, and re-shoots, and as part of account services we need to work with the client to help them help us create their vision. Each client is vastly different, and sometimes there are even parties on the client side who can’t agree on the vision they want to portray.

The most rewarding part of the process is after all of the revisions, re-shoots and changes you are able to see the amazing product everyone has worked together to produce. I have been able to experience so many amazing opportunities during my short time here and I’m excited for the new experiences that await!

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  1. I could not agree with you more on this topic! At my current internship, there are so many revisions its crazy! I am interning at a pharmaceutical advertising agency and that also means that there are regulations on what the agency can and cannot say about a drug and even the slightest word can throw the whole project off. It is crazy how many changes the assignment will go through before finally complete, and when it finally is complete it’s defiantly a celebration at the agency.

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