So, what’s next?!

As I finished up my last day at my Weston Fitness Marketing/Advertising Internship on Friday, I found myself thinking back to what I have learned over the past semester. I have learned so much! From creating posters and guest passes to walking up and down Walnut Street handing those guest passes out by the hundreds, I see what it really takes to get people in the door.

I have spent the past few months brainstorming new ideas with the Director of Marketing 3 days a week. It has been very interesting and helpful to see what marketing struggles they face on a daily basis. How will they get new members in the door and keep them coming for months or years to come? And how will they keep the existing members engaged?

The two owners of Weston Fitness are extremely dedicated to their business. I have learned that their attitude and energy are what motivate the employees to make the business a fun and energetic working environment. The two owners stay connected with all of the members, which gives a more personal experience. All of the Weston Fitness employees also know each member by their first name and have managed to create an amazing community atmosphere while still remaining extremely professional. The owners have created a fitness center/health club located on busy Market Street that is also a relaxing escape from the hectic city that surrounds it.

My time at Weston Fitness was filled with valuable advertising lessons, hands-on marketing, and a TON of Photoshop. I have had the privilege to do more than I ever thought I would at an internship. It has been a wonderful experience and I am very grateful for the opportunity that I was given!


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