Social Media in Action

Today JetBlue airlines surprised it’s Twitter followers by announcing that they would be giving out free airfare in Manhattan. The only perk is that you have to “find” them.

This is a perfect example of how businesses are beginning to incorporate social media into their advertisement and marketing plans. The idea here is not to promote yourself or your products but instead to offer customers a benefit and value for following your brand. This in turn can help with customer loyalty and maybe even word-of-mouth advertisement.

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  1. Great idea. When Clear internet launched its ad campaign here a few months ago, it made some exclusive offers through Twitter. I think the first 10-20 people to sign up for free netbooks. I think this is something that flagship stores really need to take advantage of. It would be too much to promote something at each and every chain.

    Another example is The Gap. A year or so ago, it was doing acoustic concerts outside of certain stores. It’s cool enough to have people walk by and stop in (stop-over), but to get people who otherwise wouldn’t be there is where this sort of marketing shines.

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