Social Media Monopoly

Social Media Monopoly

The first word that came to my mind when I read the first sentence of an article on BiteDaily and saw the first image of this article was the word brilliant. This is not an exaggeration, I truly was just jealous of someone else being able to come up with such a good idea that I wish would have entered my mind at some point with all of this social media floating around in my personal world on a daily basis.

“Race around the board picking up smartphones and computers but make sure you don’t get sent to MySpace or you’ll risk losing everything, including your reputation.” (Gibson, social media manager for Bite TV and Aux TV)

The description of the game says it all. What better way to have fun and play a game with friends than to do compete at picking up smartphones and computers and jst overall implementing every form of social media that today’s society has made a part of its lifestyle.

The game consists of Mashable carde which represent everything that is new on the web. These cards have everything from, “You’ve been back-traced by the cyber police. Go to Myspace, go directly to Myspace. Do not pass WIFI, Do not collect followers,” to “You’ve unlocked the stalker badge on Foursquare, collect $100”. There are also Technorati cards that relay messages such as “SXSWwants you to sit on a panel, collect $200 for Airfare,” and “There is a PHP error in your WordPress template. Miss a turn and figure it out.”

If this idea could be executed and the game could actually be played by people on various social networks, I think it would be a sensation. There are so many different ways the game can keep upgrading because of how often social media is choosing. This is one of those ideas that needs to be taken to action and see how the game takes off and the different opportunities that can arise from its success.

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  1. This game and idea in general is amazing. I’m so mad I did not come up with it! I wonder if this is the version of the game that families will be almost killing each other over in a couple years.

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