Starting out at DL MEDIA

Part of the fun of working for/with/around musicians is having a soundtrack to your work schedule. As a musician, an internship with a jazz publicity agency in Bala Cynwyd was the perfect fit. Daily the air is filled with intricate notes and colors from as many instruments as you can name, and the search for great tunes and artists works as a hobby shared enthusiastically between employees, interns, and the founder, Don, alike. The company works with a wide variety of jazz musicans, labels, and independent artist to connect them with radio and TV stations for interviews and performances, music writers/reviewers, festival coordinators, booking agents, and any avenue fit to give the artist their due respect for the hard work they’ve done and continue to do. This gives me, and all other interns the golden opportunity to connect one-on-one with individuals involved in the music industry, and the chance to sharpen communication and strategy skills through experience. Not only did answering the phone provide that opening, but so did worth-while listening to co-workers talking to clients, editing for emails to radio personalities, and having organizational conferences with the boss. Hearing the words that allow for seamless communication in this never-asleep business was a valuable experience, because as a musician, I don’t have much time.


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