StyleHaul Diaries

It has been a long and most rewarding semester for me. I was able to travel back and fourth for an amazing internship opportunity and continue to attend Temple University as a full time student. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I had to try. I worked at StyleHaul, a Youtube network which brings different talent in the vlogging world into one space where they can talk about fashion, make-up and lifestyle. I had interned for them in the fall semester in Los Angeles and learned a lot from them. I wanted to continue my venture with this starting company in NYC since the New York office is completely different then the Los Angeles office. In the NYC office I became more hands on and took on a bit more responsibilities due to the fact that I was the only intern on hand. I was putting together packages for the talent and sending it out. I was responsible for updating Stylehaul’s social media and gathering media content that occurred weekly. I was able to work closely with my supervisor, which gave me a better insight on the company. StyleHaul has been a part of my learning process as an intern and as an individual in the work force. This was my first internship and I was able to work for them for 9 months. This experience has taught me that hard work goes a long way and to have patience. Also it has taught me that someone is always noticing your hard work even when you think you go unnoticed. I reached out to one of the interns I worked along side in the Los Angeles office and I am so proud to hear that she is now a Talent Associate for Stylehaul after interning for them for about a year.


Update: After finishing this semester with Stylehaul I will continue to intern for them throughout the summer and hopefully gain even more responsibility.


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