Hittin’ Homers with WOGL

Last friday was opening day for the Phillies, and luckily for me I got to work a promotions event for WOGL.  I was super excited because I had never actually done any promo events yet.  I usually would just make…

Kia: Korean or other Wie’s?

In the couple of weeks leading up to spring break, I was given the task of repositioning Kia for a portfolio (class) assignment. We first had to write a letter selling our idea (to the CEO… professor) and then follow…

AT & Teapot

As far as I’m concerned, this is the first funny commercial of the year. AT&T takes a stab at repositioning its intentionally unmentioned competition. There has been much back and forth between AT&T and Verizon legally and commercially about who’s…

Geico: Anything Goes!

Its campaigns aren't really consistent; it has a spokesman and a mascot; and it isn't the best nor the first yet Geico remains the most popular.

Has GM redeemed itself?

Many Americans didn't agree with bailing out GM (among others), but it's very American to feel entitled to the benefit of the doubt.