Tea-riffic teas and more at Harris Tea


Hello! I see you’ve stumbled upon this quirky little post. My name is Deanna L Gormisky. Deanna is just fine.

I am a copywriter who is interning at Harris Tea Company in New Jersey. Maybe you’ve heard of them; maybe you haven’t. I’d go into the spiel of their address, which is 344 New Albany Road, and how they’re about 15 minutes away from the Betsy, and how they’ve been in business for an extremely long time, but that’s taking away from what they do: they make tea. That is all you need to know.

Or, is it? I’m joking. You need to know tons more. You don’t believe me? Fine, fine. Enjoy that image. Take it as a token of my apologetic tone. I want you to actually look at the image. Are you looking? I found it on Harris Tea’s Facebook. I was unable to get an outdoors-based photograph of the tea; I heard, in its natural habitat, tea can be beneficial to your health! However, I do feel a bit bad. That image is absolutely incorrect; tea is more than a mere hug!

According to the image, tea is a hug in a cup. The term “hug” invokes warm, happy feelings. It entices the mind to be in a happier, more relaxed state. Doesn’t tea do that? Invite us to be calm, relaxed, and absolutely thrilled?

However, when you first drink tea, you’re not just hugged; you’re lovingly embraced by exceptional flavors, textures, and spices!

Tea is a drink that is enjoyed all over the world. Harris Tea uses a variety of spices and textures to create their blends. Their blends are perfected. And shipped daily. All over the country. All over the globe.

For the last four weeks, I’ve learned that and more. I’ve had the pleasure of walking into tea every morning. Literally. The smell of tea greets you at the door. I’ve been able to taste tea—that warmth and refreshing liquid entering my stomach and kissing my lungs. I have two more weeks at Harris Tea, and I hope to enjoy every last minute of this warm delicacy.

Okay, so, perhaps I’ve gone into a tiny spiel.

[P.S.: Since I’ve signed a small waiver, I am not at liberty to divulge any tip-top secrets.]

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