The Big Reveal

After 2 months of subway rides to South Philly, teaching high school students advertising and developing a campaign for the Phillies, the day had finally come to showcase all of our hard work. On Monday, December 5th the Temple and Palumbo students presented their idea for a Phillies Teens Club Program to the Phillies Marketing Director and top officials from the Philly Ad Club!

The presentation consisted of a PowerPoint of our campaign from start to finish. We presented research findings, creative executions and shared our experiences about the program. Each Palumbo student had the chance to present the part of the campaign they worked on. The amount of creativity that these students exhibited was inspiring! We all joked that the work and ideas the students came up with was of Temple caliber.

The presentation ran smoothly despite some technical difficulties during the run through. At the end of the presentation, we opened up the floor for Q & A. The Palumbo students answered the questions with such maturity and poise and many expressed interest in pursuing advertising after this program experience. It was something that made us Temple students proud to hear, that the work we have done this semester truly impacted the life of a young student. 

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