The D-R Watts Show

One of WMCN’S most unique features is it’s live Direct-Response program featuring Dr. David C. Watts, a professional cosmetic surgeon. With an audience of up to 2.5 million possible viewers, “Plastic Surgery Questions and Answers with Dr. Watts” discusses cosmetic and plastics surgery topics from rhinoplasty to liposuction and breast reduction. The show has been airing for over 15 years, and Dr. Watts never misses a beat. During the half hour program, 28:30 to be exact,  whether he is answering a plastic surgery question or simply explaining a procedure, Dr. Watts always keeps momentum.

Being a part of the production of a Direct Response program has truly been rewarding. It is really something to witness Dr. Watts and his father, co-producer, walk into the station five minutes before the show is about to air, chat about the latest sports news, and then conduct a half hour program as if it took place in their own living room.

D-R TV is a great marketing tool because through the show Dr. Watts promotes free consultations and provides his web address as well as locations and telephone numbers for his five practice locations in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Direct-Response also makes it easy to track ROI simply by measuring how many consultations and procedures came from viewers of the program.

According to WMCN’s website, Direct Response Television is supposed to increase by a total of 5% this year. From what I have been learning through my internship, a lot of larger companies are utilizing D-R TV and infomercials simply to try something new. Infomercials have high success rates, and in a changing media environment, they may see larger numbers in years to come. From a standpoint of campaign tracking and customer interaction they appear to be a wise decision for many companies.

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