The End of the Trail

The RT+P Cowboy Logo

The last three months have flown by and only two weeks remain of my internship at Red Tettemer.

I decided to pursue an internship here a long time ago. I took a job in advertising sales, an un-paid (and unorganized) internship with a start-up clothing company, and volunteered for the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts in the 6 months leading up to my application for an account management internship. Each time I took on a new challenge, I wondered if it would help me get my foot in the door at Red Tettemer. In late August, I felt like it had all paid off when I first started working the ranch. Three months later, and I still find Red Tettemer’s cowboy culture pretty nifty.

I think back now to why I wanted to work here so bad, and compare it to what I can take away from it all when it’s finished. I was hoping to come away with a clear idea of how an agency really works and what role I would play. I wanted to do it in a place like Red Tettemer because of their seemingly endless capabilities.

Well I’m now aware of intricacies of agency life that I had never thought of before. I’ve seen the employees work together to quickly produce. I’ve seen how account managers interact with clients. I’ve seen ideas thrive, and fizzle out. I’ve seen victories, and non-victories (doesn’t seem accurate to call it a failure since the team always seem to take away something positive). Because of all this, my experience, I am more confident now in my own capabilities as I look to start my paid advertising career very soon.

On a more personal level, having Red Tettemer to shoot for taught me a lot. I realized the importance of having a set goal in mind. By keeping it in mind constantly, I was bound to achieve. Everything I did along the way was valuable for completely different reasons as well. Working in sales was a struggle I will never forget and developed very useful skills. I’m still with the clothing company and plan to stick with it for a long time too.

As I leave, I look forward to using the Red Tettemer experience (and name) to my advantage.

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