The End To A Dream Internship

Hi my name is Brian Greenblatt, I am a graduating Senior as of this Fall 2013 semester. I have been interning at a digital marketing agency called Fame House which is located on 2nd and Pine in Headhouse Square.

Going into this internship it had been literally what I had dreamed for in the sense of finding a perfect internship. Being able to work in the music industry while also work with digital marketing was literally all I could ask for in an internship.

Throughout this internship I’ve honestly learned more then I thought I would. Whether it be learning new skills such as how to use programs such as word press, dreamweaver, topspin, and a variety of important tools but also things such as how to pay closer attention to detail and how to manage my time more efficiently.

Now that I have pursed this internship I am dead set on finding a full-time paid position in digital marketing. I have realized that my small love for this field has turned into a full time passion for digital and social media marketing.

Some of the highlights of this position was working on quality assurance for designing a brand new website for one of my favorite music artists, Pretty Lights. Throughout the course of the internship I learned how to work on the back and front end development sides of web design as well learning how to do fine quality assurance sweeps of websites to make sure they were perfect before their hard launch.
Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 8.51.53 PM
Here is a absolutely beautiful and media rich website I helped work on for where I helped sweep the website for glitches as well as work on transferring content from their old site to their new one.

Another major highlight of my internship was working on marketing plans and brainstorming with the digital marketing team on new ways to use different emerging technologies to help our clients. I found this to be extremely rewarding because not only was I learning about useful new technology that was relevant to what I wanted to do, but also how to efficiently apply in real life.

Overall I found this internship to be extremely rewarding and a I learned a lot more then I thought I would, and even though I wasn’t offered a position I still plan on keeping contact with everyone from the agency.




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