The First Days…

I started at my Internship at Paula Hian Designs in January of this year. I went in a little nervous because I didn’t know a lot about fashion, but also very excited. When meeting Paula previously at the interview, she was extremely sweet and seemed like she needed a lot of help in the company, so I was ready to get to work. When arriving on the first day, myself and two other interns were instructed to completely organize an entire section of the work room. In the picture, you’ll see why I was a little nervous.

To me, this was quite a challenge because I am not extremely educated with different types of fabrics and fabric designers. Then, after all of the fabric was sorted, we needed to file all of the fabric books into bins by designer and collection. Because I was only in the office twice a week, it took a few weeks to get the table just how we wanted it. But we finally finished organizing, and the work place looked beautiful as you can see in the photos below.***IMG_3137






One of the other main things that I liked doing was organizing the showroom that was on the main floor of the building and photographing some looks to send to clients as well as post on the website. Myself and the other interns were able to change around all of the collections to what we thought were fit for the event that we planned at our time as interns. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the event because of class and wasn’t able to see the room in action, but getting ready for the event and seeing it develop was just as fun. Paula wanted to have the event as a way to show her newest collection for Spring 2014 and sell some of her older pieces. With a guest list of 30 and a fun atmosphere, we succeeded in showing the public her new pieces and selling some of the old.



Overall, I did think that I would be doing more projects with the advertising for Paula and her collections, but it happened to be that the time I was there, she didn’t need as much help with advertising but more with planning the event. Athough, I do not regret interning here at all. I learned a lot about time management, event planning, and working in the fashion industry, which I have always had an interest in.


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