The Interview

While Summer I is coming to a close, my internship at ChatterBlast Media is far from over. However, I’m beginning to reflect on the things that I’ve accomplished during my time here with an excitement for what’s to come. One of the biggest challenges that I was able to overcome was conducting an interview with one of our clients, later writing a blog post about it. Erica, an account manager, assured me that I was capable of doing it.

It was quite the process. I did research on the topic at hand, and created a list of questions to ask. Erica had me sort them in the order I would ask them. After that, I was able to clearly see any redundancy in my questions. A few of them were just the same questions worded differently. Next was prepping for the logistics in the interview. I had to download an app on my phone to record our conversation, and received instructions on how to work the speakerphone in the conference room. After coordinating times with the two interviewees, it was game day.

I even went so far as to typing what I would say when introducing myself before the interview. I read it off my computer screen like I was acting in a play. I was a little clunky during my first interview. There were quite a few awkward pauses that I cringed at while listening to the playback recording. The second interview went a lot better, I think I was starting to get more relaxed and comfortable with the idea of being an interviewer. My biggest regret was that I felt like a few times I was asking pointed or leading questions. Regardless, I was given enough information to write the blog post. I learned a lot from this experience and hope that more obstacles like this come my way!

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