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As a junior advertising major in the account management and research track, I decided to try an internship that was different from working in an Advertising agency. My interest in magazines brought me to Philadelphia Magazine, where I am currently an Advertising Sales intern. Philadelphia Magazine is a monthly magazine centered on the city and the surrounding area. They also have additional publications including Be Well Philly, GPhilly and Philadelphia Wedding. I have always wanted to work for a magazine, so getting this opportunity opened my eyes to all of the different job opportunities available at a magazine.

If I could give a piece of advice to someone starting at any internship, it would be to volunteer for as many things that come your way as you can. Some of the best experiences from my internship happened outside of the 9-5 time that I spent in the office. For me this came by volunteering for events. All of the interns were asked to help at Philadelphia Magazine’s Philly Cooks event. This made me realize that I really enjoy Special Events and now Special Events and PR are something that I would consider working in. Before this internship I really only saw myself working in something strictly advertising, but now I see all the possibilities I have for jobs.

After the first event, I volunteered to help the Special Events and Marketing interns with an event at the Philadelphia Flower Show. Even though I spent my time off helping them, it was definitely worth it for the experience. After I was finished, I even got to walk around and see the Flower Show for free.

So for anyone starting their internship, I would say to volunteer for as much as you can. Your experience will really be as much as you put in to it. By also branching out into other departments, you might find something that you really enjoy doing.

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  1. I completely agree with your advice to volunteer for whatever comes your way at internship. Similar to your experience at Philadelphia Magazine, I was able to help with the planning of a event and now also am considering event planning as something I want to try to get more involved with.

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