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Hello! My name in Lauren Resnick, I’m a senior at Temple University studying what we’re all hear to read about, Advertising! I am currently the Marketing Intern over at Focus Pointe Global in Center City. FPG is a national marketing research company that provides focus group and other types of surveying for consumer and medical research companies. My main job is to get word out about the studies to members of the database as well as to boost the database by bringing in new consumers so that all of our studies can be filled for our clients. I consider myself the social media sidekick here at FPG. I tweet, post, share, and everything in between!

Sometimes I think I’m having an identity crisis with all of our accounts. We run all of the facility Facebook/Twitter pages out of our office. The list goes as follows–Global, Atlanta, Bala Cynwyd, Boston, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, New Jersey, New York City, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. It’s tricky sometimes because I have to get my wording and city slang connected with each city. The Marketing Assistant, Melissa, and I work in connected cubicles so we are constantly running posts by each other to see if it sounds good enough to get consumer attention. We also have to keep each city engaged with exciting content besides job postings, so we research what’s going on around that city or what sort of things they’d like to talk about. One thing I’ve learned by working on a company’s social media page is people LOVE to talk. Give them a topic and they’ll pour their hearts out. For example, we posted about video games one day just for fun and the responses were many. Or if they have a problem, damage control needs to be fast. We make sure to take care of complaints right away so that those angry posts are changed quickly into appreciative posts from happy database members.

Another big part of my job as I stated earlier is database boosting. It’s all about research and I have a lot of fun with it. The current database I’m working on with the Marketing Department is for Chicago. I work with the Director of Marketing, Melissa, and the other Marketing Assistant, Rachel, on this project. We’ve been looking for where we can hit the kinds of people we’re looking for, moms, working adults, and people in the middle-higher classes. It’s been an interesting project. I’ve gotten to look for some places we could buy ad space in, and brainstorming some ideas for how we can make a statement without hurting the bank account such as other social media outlets (this week I’ll be presenting my new idea to the director for expanding our social media!). I actually learned a lot the last two weeks because one of the marketing assistants and the Director were both out so I took charge on this project. I worked harder than I have thus far but it felt pretty good! I still have a couple months left so I’ll update in the future my progress!

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  1. Lauren, I first visited FPG over the summer as a Finch Brands intern observing a focus group. I have been interested in their services, and the possibility of an internship there, ever since. As if the emphasis on focus groups and social media wasn’t enough, reading about your seemingly rewarding internship experience really sparks my interest in applying to FPG in the future.

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