The View from Intern Alley

The Elvis Room on the 25th Floor

On the top floors of Philadelphia’s PNB Building, you’ll find an extravagant office. The space used to be the penthouse apartment for Rodman Wanamaker and his family back in the 20’s. The original molding, fireplaces, and materials are still intact, but that isn’t the only thing that contributes to the unique atmosphere. For over a decade, Red Tettemer has been building an American Cabinet of Curiosities in this converted space.

The two floor office is mainly decorated with eclectic nic-nacs.  Antique signs and posters are mounted on walls of vibrant blue, yellow, and red. Chandeliers reminiscent of Larry Fuente’s work loom in the ‘Parlor’ and ‘Elvis Room’ where potential and established clients meet with our staff. The furniture may not be the most comfortable, but clients sure do love to linger and look around.

Among all this, near the office supplies, paper cups, c-fold towels, and archived files, you’ll find ‘Intern Alley.’ In this space, aside from a interesting view of South Philly, you’ll see account management interns churning out updates and research. When I’m not sitting in on a meeting, or helping out in other departments, this is where I spend my time at Red Tettemer. This is where I bonded with fellow interns, messaged SEPTA’s marketing team, compiled information on Atlantic City casinos, and much more.

Like the office space, the internship is not what I expected. This is my first time working in an agency and it sure has helped me understand how this business works. Being able to observe the interactions between the clients and account managers has been the most rewarding opportunity in my mind so far, though sometimes it is completely over my head. When I have some free time, I enjoy aimlessly looking through the creative work on past campaigns. The work is as varied as the elements that make up the agency. It makes me think that the environment deserves credit, that it helped to spawn that type of creativity.


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