The Weston Finale



Hi guys, I am back with my second and final blog! I chose to wait until the final week of my internship to complete my final blog for specific reasoning. The whole point of any internship is to help pave the way for future endeavors. We show up at our place of work early in the morning with the hopes of gaining as much insight and experience as possible. We act like sponges trying to absorb as much as we can…At least that is what I tried to do.

I applied for an inside sales position at SHI (Software House International Corp.) a few weeks ago. I received a phone call a few days later and held a brief telephone interview. Things went well and I was invited to come into the headquarters for a person to person interview. Two and half hours and 3 interviewers later, I exited the building with my head held high. In my opinion, the interview went very well. I was told that SHI would get back to me in about 2 to 3 weeks. I received a call 5 days later and was offered the inside sales position. I was shocked, excited, relieved but also nervous to start “the real world.”

Any way back to the whole internship experience thing, I honestly believe that if it weren’t for my internship at Weston Fitness, I would not have been offered the position at SHI. I have benefited so much from being here and am thankful to have gotten the opportunity. The Weston internship gave me a certain confidence that I lacked prior to accepting. I learned how to better communicate with others, strengthened my proofing/editing, and coup with the long commute to work each morning.

All in all, my time here Weston has been useful and great! I wish the best for all the staff, members and friends of Weston Fitness!

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