The world of marketing at Defined Clarity

When I was on the hunt for my first internship, one of my professors gave me a little advice. He told me to make sure it’s an internship where I play an active role in the company. Don’t waste your time getting people coffee all summer long. Thanks to my summer marketing internship at Defined Clarity, I’m not spending my summer as the office Barista.

Defined Clarity is a small startup tech company in Northern Liberties that has primarily specialized in website development and support services for businesses and organizations nationwide. Currently, however, they are in the process of rolling out their new HR recruitment and application management software called gatherDocs. As a marketing intern, this is a very exciting time for me to be at Defined Clarity because I am playing a large role in the research and development for the marketing plan for this new software.

So far, I’ve spent a lot of time gathering relevant market information and statistics that I’ll use to put together a handful of infographics. Hopefully once the infographics are completed, each individual one will make a clear and compelling argument for why retailers and other businesses need to use gatherDocs in their recruiting efforts. After I finish putting them together, I will have the opportunity to present them to our PR firm, Lotus, who will then disperse my infographics as a part of our product and business promotions. I look forward to seeing how it all unfolds.

My supervisor, Bruce Marable, has been extremely welcoming, supportive and appreciative of the work I have done for Defined Clarity so far this summer. Even as an intern here, I know that my work is not being taken for granted and that I am making real contributions to their marketing efforts. So far, my internship at Defined Clarity has been an amazing learning experience and I have yet to brew a single pot of coffee. I’m excited to discover what else is in store for me during my time here at Defined Clarity. gatherdocs pic

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