There’s just something about it…

I’ve been interning at Lunchbox Communications in Manayunk over summer and I must say, there is something about interning for a small agency that is in a way, otherworldly. Being that I’ve had the chance to intern at both a larger ad agency and a smaller one, I’d definitely say that you have the ability to be more hands on at a smaller agency. Being that everyone’s job is pretty crucial how smoothly things run at a smaller agency, your role as an intern is just as important as who ever you happen to be working under. At a larger agency, or at least from the experience I’ve had, your role at as an intern is valuable, but in ways you are sort of learning mostly by observing other people. From my experience in a larger agency, I’ve pretty much been thrown into the chaos that is an ad agency and was able to learn by doing rather just observing.


So in short, if you want to be challenged and want to get your hands dirty I would definitely advice for you to not overlook an internship at a smaller agency. You just may be surprised.

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