Three things to know before working at a Start-up

As an intern and future employee at ListenLogic, a social media research company, I am confident to say that I have experienced first hand, what it’s like to work at a start-up. Here are a few things that I’ve picked up. Note that these three things aren’t in any special order, exhaustive in nature, or necessarily true for every company. They are more like guidelines for what to expect.

The first and most important thing to know is that you automatically have the opportunity to be a part of building the company from the ground up. Anything you want to improve, build, or affect is up to you. For those of you who are interested in being creative, entrepreneurial, and highly relied upon, start-ups are for you; if that doesn’t sound like you, it probably isn’t.

The second most important thing to know is that it is significantly cheaper for your boss to buy everybody in the office lunch! Since ListenLogic is made up of less than twenty people, free lunch happens more than you would think. Though this seems like a small perk, it goes a long way. Job satisfaction is about much more than just money. This is just one of the many opportunities you have to get to know your colleagues and to enjoy your day while at work.

Lastly, start-ups don’t pay as much. Yes, if you are insanely talented they might pay you a little more, but your main reward is having great potential for upward mobility, and a job right out of college. Working at a start-up gives you the experience you need to get ahead in your career without the protocol and rules of a larger company limiting what you can do.


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