Trying different roles at Ritual Ritual

During my internship at Ritual Ritual, I had the opportunity of trying a few different roles. Trying out different roles has helped me understand the aesthetic of Ritual Ritual, and has given me confidence when writing copy for emails or proposing ideas to Angela Monaco, the owner of the boutique.

I had the opportunity of working as a sales associate at Ritual Ritual, which has helped me learn more about the products that Ritual Ritual sells. I worked with the ecommerce software that Ritual uses, and updated inventory for the web store.

I attended the Philly Mag Shops designer warehouse sale with Angela. The Philly Mag Shops event was particularly inspiring because I met various established designers from Philadelphia, and I had the chance to see their beautiful designs in person.

Ritual Ritual housed three events this Fall. The Autumnal Equinox Party, the Night Garden photo exhibition and the Infernale art show opening reception. As with the Philly Mag Shops event, I was able to meet countless designers and artists who came to these events.

I even got to model for photos that will be put on the website and social media! For the photo shoot, Danielle Parsons did the photography and Angela directed. Working with both of these talented women proved to be one of my favorite experiences at Ritual.

Trying these various roles has given me a better understanding of the positioning and vibe that Angela keeps consistent with Ritual Ritual’s branding. By not limiting myself, I can now better understand the various duties required to maintain Ritual’s online presence as well as the brick and mortar location.

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