Update on the Art Direction Award Winners from last year’s TADA Awards….

Each year, the Advertising Department awards a Top Art Direction Award and an award for Excellence in Art Direction. The two students that were awarded these prestigious awards on behalf of the faculty at last spring’s TADA Awards (Temple Advertising Department Awards) were Evan Kirkley (Top) and Jeffrey Davis (Excellence).

Evan Kirkley is interning at LevLane and Quaker City Mercantile and busy interviewing for jobs in both Philadelphia and NYC. I hope to hear any day now that Evan will be working full time for a very lucky advertising agency or design firm. You can check out Evan’s portfolio here: https://evankirkley.com/

A few days ago, I received an email from Jeffrey (Davis) telling me that he will be moving at the beginning of January from Philadelphia to Boston to begin his job as a web designer for Karmaloop. Both Jeffrey and I both know that Karmaloop is a great fit for him style-wise. I can’t wait to hear how Jeffrey likes working there! You can check out Jeff’s work and of course, you’ll be able to quickly get a taste of Jeffrey’s personality and his graphic style by just how he set up his portfolio: https://www.ultramassive.com/

Having Evan and Jeffrey in class were high points thus far in my time teaching at Temple for sure! I wish them both the very best, and I have a feeling I will always hear from both of them (and lots of good news, too)!




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