What an Experience!

Hello hello all! My name is Becky Juda and I am currently a senior with a focus on Account Management. As I am soon to graduate this December, I decided to take an internship this summer to get my foot into the door in the advertising industry.

I never imagined getting an internship would be so hard – considering I am working for free for a company. Lucky enough, I currently intern at a local PR, Marketing, and Special Events firm in Center City of Philly. I am a Account Executive Intern for Cachet Communications. It is a very small firm but I have gained so much wisdom and met some interesting people.

My experience with this internship was more than I ever imagined. I have met the creator of Cash 4 Gold, the leader of the east coast for City of Hope, and some of the most interesting and well known doctors/surgeons in the area. In addition, I have met people from KYW, ABC, and NBC as well. My boss has let me tag along to meetings and small gatherings to network with people and understand the industry better. Although my firm mainly focuses on public relations, I have touched upon special event planning too.

An upcoming event for South Jersey’s Hot Chefs is one of our clients right now and I am so excited to be there for the event. This is basically like restaurant week in South Jersey but we decided to get children involved a week before to have a hands on experiences with the well known crops that grow in the Jersey area. Children are welcome to attend a local farm in Jersey to pick strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries and turn them into jam. The kids will then be able to take their creation home to share with their family. If people are unable to attend the small even that day, we created a social media competition for SJ Hot Chefs as well. Children are asked to create their own recipe (with parent’s help of course) that includes the crops listed for this year. The recipe and image of “Little Chefs” can be uploaded to Twitter and the winner will receive a $100 gift card for one of the participating restaurants and also their dish will be offered that week at one of those locations as well. This project was a lot of fun to work on and I cannot wait to be there for the final presentation.

My internship has kept me very busy and I have been running around like a crazy woman since I work as well. Besides that, I will take the wisdom that I have gained from this great experience and apply it to my career in the near future. Cannot wait to see what the future brings me!

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