What an Internship really teaches you.

Throughout this internship I have learned and experienced many things. Just the idea of getting up in a weekday and knowing that you are going somewhere else besides school is a great feeling. Driving into work as if you were part of a team is a great feeling and walking into an office, where people address you with a good morning and a “How was your weekend?” gives you a sense of some sort of adult hood. As you glance over to the big leather office chair and know that this is where I will be spending my day, you get a small sense of fulfillment that you are finally a grown up. After a small brief from the creative director you are off to work, work on whatever it is she asked you to do the best that you can.

The best part of being an intern is that you can really do no wrong because you are there to learn. That is the meaning of an internship: to learn. I have learned more at my internship in 4 months, than I have throughout my entire time in school. Just being able to see how a normal Ad agency functions and what will, hopefully, be your future carrier is amazing. At Stream I get to sit down with one of the graphic designers and go over everything I do with a fine toothcomb. This allows me to see what I am doing wrong and what I am doing right with a project. The graphic designer has helped my work become better and then gives it back to me to make the corrections. Through this method he gives me the opportunity to actually lean something rather then him just fixes my mistakes and doing my work for me. I know after this time at Stream that I want to be in the creative side working in some sort of art direction in an advertising agency. I know that not all companies are the same, but I really like the creative environment and think that I would be a good fit with my ideas.

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