What I Know for Sure…

…Is that I still have a lot to learn. Though I’ve completed my required 150 hours at MOD Worldwide for the semester, I plan to continue to take advantage of this great opportunity and gain as much experience as I can for as long as they’ll have me. That being said; if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that no matter how much you think you know, there will still always be more to learn. Working at MOD for the semester as a graphic design intern has taught me so many new techniques and tips that, admittedly, I have not learned in a classroom at Temple. This was my second internship experience, and I plan to do as many more internships (whether they are paid or…sigh…not) as possible while still in school.

I give Temple’s advertising program props for requiring us (aka, kicking our butts out the door) to find and complete an internship for credit. Initially the experience is intimidating – working in a non-classroom setting where the work that you do reflects not only you, but your whole company, is enough to make us consider extending our graduation date a few years. But it is necessary to force ourselves into unfamiliar and, often, uncomfortable situations in order to learn and grow. I still have another year left here at Temple, and knowing what I know now and having experienced what I have in just the past semester, I cannot imagine graduating without a few “real world” experiences under my belt.

And for that, Temple Ad Program, I am thankful.

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