What now?


The past few months have gone so fast, I can’t believe I had to say good-bye to everyone at the Flyers this past Monday. This experience has been amazing, not only did I get to see what goes one behind each and every game (it’s more then you could imagine) I also got to attend each game. I have grown up being a Flyers fan so when I saw how much work went in behind the scenes I truly was surprised. I also got super excited every time I got to see any of the players, call me a little kid, what ever. Just a little inside scoop, they hang out and play soccer every night before the game! Needless to say when I turned the corner and had Gerioux say Hi to me, I had a mild heart attack. Anyway back to the internship details!

I got the opportunity to work with a group of amazing people in the customer service department. They welcomed me with open arms and were always willing to help and teach me new things. My department handled season ticket holders specifically.  We planned everything from season ticket holder appreciation night, to renewals for next year. So what does customer service have to do with advertising? Well, its definitely different but all the planning for specific events is kinda like planing a campaign start to finish. So while it wasn’t some dream art direction internship it was still cool to see campaign like ideas evolve over the season. One major thing I learned is that working in sports is crazy hours but it is pretty cool. Getting to be at the game when the team wins and the fans are chanting “LET’S GO FLYERS” down the concourse, maybe its just a Philly thing, but it’s a great feeling. So I obviously loved my internship at the Flyers and am truly sad to say its over. Here’s to moving on to the next step in my future, off to graduation, then the real world! (When did this happen! Where did time go!)


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