What's So Wrong with Being an Intern?

I did not run across many problems throughout the course of my internship.  Yes, there were some minor set backs, but not anything that I would really consider a negative experience.  However, there is one exception.  In once case I had an issue with communication, and I can only assume the reason is because I am an intern.

I was working with a real estate agent aiding in his advertising needs, and had some ideas for new forms of advertising his business.  One idea I brought to the table was posting an advertisement for his services on a real estate open house blog, run by a popular local magazine.  I was asked to get all the information, and move forward with getting an ad placed.  I immediately contacted the magazine, and was received very well.  I sent an email to the address provided on the website since there was no phone number provided.  In my first email I introduced myself, stated who I was working with, and asked for more information on what our advertising options were.  I received an email back within a few hours, and was really encouraged by my initial interaction.  After a few email exchanges, I was asked for my phone number and my title within the organization so an account manager could get in touch with me.  I promptly responded, listing my title as “intern”.  I did not hear back from the magazine for over three weeks, despite repeated contact attempts.  Eventually I did receive a fairly unprofessional message that included a number to call back.  I returned the phone call within a few hours, and have yet to hear back from the magazine.

While there are many different factors that could have lead to the sudden change in communication with the magazine, I am left wondering if this change was not caused by my title.  The magazine seemed to be more interested in my business and working with me before they knew I was an intern, and not a full-time employee.

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