Why and how, advertising to “Tech Setters”

There is always some new kind of technology gadget coming out. Once you think you’ve gotten the best and newest gadget, another one comes out and tops it, much like when the IPad came out. Now consumers are running after the IPad 2 and sure enough another new gadget will prevail.  Companies like Apple, Verizon, and other top gadget creators would be smart to advertise to a consumer group that I like to call “Tech Setters.”

These are the people who buy the latest technology products and are the go to people for information and reviews on the newest gadgets. They are the trend setters in the technology world. So why should these companies advertise to them? Two reasons,

1. They offer free advertising and exposure for the product.

2. They influence others to buy.

With constant new products coming out, Tech Setters decide what products stand on top. They are very influential and are trusted among other technology enthusiasts. They constantly blog, review, and talk about products on social media sites. Companies want them to be talking about their products, but how?

Verizon did a good job targeting this consumer group. We all can remember the Droid ads that ran. By creating teaser ads in which little to no information was given about the new phone, it captured the attention of these consumers. Tech Setters like to be the ones who tell others about what is and what isn’t. They are intelligent people and they enjoy knowing more than others. Therefore, they had to be the one to explain to everyone what this new Droid was. Which created buzz and talk about the product by people who their target audience trusts.

In conclusion, if companies want their products to stand above the rest, in a market where products are constantly trying to top each other, than Tech Setters are the consumer group to target. They create buzz, awareness, and positive reviews on the product. And all these companies have to do is intrigue them by giving them a small look into the product. They will take care of the rest. Giving the consumers all the information and positive feedback that they need to go out and purchase the product, for free!


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