Hittin’ Homers with WOGL

Last friday was opening day for the Phillies, and luckily for me I got to work a promotions event for WOGL.  I was super excited because I had never actually done any promo events yet.  I usually would just make phone calls and help with the radio station’s prize give aways.

It was a very fun experience overall, despite the bad weather.  All of CBS Radio‘s sister stations were there representing the company as a whole.  We were set up at the Third Base Gate carnival that  is sporadically held at major games throughout the Phillies season.  The basic idea of what my job was was to be sociable, entertaining, and excite the crowd!… Not a bad gig at all.  We set up bean bag tosses for people to win beads & the line was a mile long up until the game.  (All for a couple of beads!)  We played WOGL’s station between the live band’s sets and had a live broadcast at the game, with on air personality Ross Brittain.

You may be asking did I get into the opening day game?… well not exactly.  I came close though, we were holding tickets for an on air winner.  The winner had not shown up though so I was about to be given these beloved tickets!  Of course with my luck they showed up at the last minute.  None the less, it was a great time & I look forward to working with many more promo events with WOGL.


-Ashley Phung

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  1. That’s really cool that your internship has the opportunity to do things outside of the normal office setting. It’s always good to see companies doing things like that and developing a personality beyond the whole 9-5 thing. It really helps people understand them better and relate to them. Now when someone thinks of WOGL maybe they’ll remember the rainy day beanbag toss game, and have positive thoughts of the station.

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