Work Can Be Fun!

This past month at Allied-THA, a marketing agency that promotes major motion pictures in the Philadelphia area, I have been a part of two really fun and exciting things.

The first occurred at the Ritz Five Theater in Center City. I was working an advanced screening of the film THE BOOK THIEF there. I collected tickets from the general public and from people on our reserved seating lists. The lines for this particular screening were larger than usual because there was to be a Q&A session directly following the film inside the theater. Who was going to be there? The author of THE BOOK THIEF, the main actress of the film, and the director.  As soon as the film ended I had to sprint down to the stage and set up movie posters and chairs. The three of them basically brushed shoulders with me as I finished up and returned to my seat. It was an amazing opportunity to be able to see the film and then hear from the people that made it happen right in front of me! We also had members of the audience write on the blackboard pictured below, telling us one word they would use to describe the film. This was done because the story heavily involves the main character learning new words.

photo 2 photo 4 photo 5

Another fun experience that I had was with the other interns in the Allied office, who I now call friends. We were chosen to partake in a 80’s themed dance showcase in support of the new Flash Dance play coming to Philly. We had to run up the Art Museum steps like Rocky did, except instead of sporting some sweats, we wore leg warmers, neon, and had our ponytails hanging on the side of our heads. A boom box blasted some hits from the 80’s as we did all of this. We had some choreographed moves and there were even some people standing by who jumped in and joined us. It was freezing! But it was also a great time.

ArtMuseum (12) ArtMuseum (27) Flashmob (1) Flashmob (2)

Since my last blog post, I was offered the opportunity to continue on with my internship into the spring, and I gladly accepted! It has been such a fun, wild, and challenging ride so far and I’m not trying to get off anytime soon.

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