Wrapping up my Internship at Skai Blue Media

Only 2 days left as a graphic design intern at Skai Blue Media and only a few weeks until graduation. Things are starting to get a little scary and a little sad but mostly hopeful. One of our interns left Wednesday and it sunk in for all of us that we have gotten pretty close and are going to be sad when it’s over. But the other senior interns and I have been talking about our plans after graduation for months now and all of us are finally starting to formulate plans that we are extremely excited about. So, next week on my last day I know I am going to be sad to say goodbye to the other interns and to the people at Skai Blue who I’ve gotten close to, but I know it’s all just another step in the journey and I have met some great people there.

Since my last post I have been working hard on lots of assignments, for example a lookbook for a line of scarves. A lookbook is something designers make each season to show their new line of clothes or accessories, etc. The process has been a lot of fun, knowing that my work is going to be printed and distributed to potential buyers, but also a major learning experience in printing issues. When we tried getting the book printed from several places and tried editing the pictures and not editing them, etc. we still kept getting grainy looking photos in which the models looked like they have rosacea. It turns out that the camera was on a weird setting when the pictures were taken and the whole shoot had to be redone. Finally the lookbook is almost finished and I am hoping to go home with a copy by next week. I think it has been by far the most memorable project I have done this semester because I learned so much from the trial and error we had to do.

While we have all been working hard, this past Wednesday we had a Dip Day where everyone made dip and brought it in. I had never made dip before, so I looked up a recipe for spinach parmesan dip and it came out pretty good. I realized how much it helps to have company bonding days like this where the whole office has a little bit of time to put down what they’re doing and just have fun together.  It keeps everybody positive and working well together.

dip day

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  1. The part of your post about the difficulties in creating the lookbook really struck a chord with me. We’ve all had those moments in school and work where certain project seem nearly impossible at times, and it’s refreshing and reassuring to realize that these moments often end up being the most educational. On another note the office you’ve been interning in sounds great- I love that you guys have fun stuff like dip day!

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