Clean Tweeting

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One of the greatest things about social media is the ability it gives us to communicate with companies that might have otherwise never acknowledged our existence. My internship this semester at Chatterblast has taught me that. For instance, last year…

The Importance of Tracking Links To Measure ROI

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My Name is Carlos Castro Miranda and I am serving as a social media intern at Slice Communications. Slice Communications is a Philadelphia based social media and public relations firm consisting of approximately ten full-time employees. Currently, I create social…

Riding Around in the Geico Car

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As I embark on this real world journey at the local Geico office in Wynnewood, my experience is teaching me leadership and communication skills. My position is Marketing Intern, and I am responsible for a variety of duties, the biggest…

Getting through the first day: a guide to doing it poorly

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tired at desk
I go to college. Fun! I also have to take part in an internship. Maybe fun? Here’s some tips on how to get through your first day based on what I went through at LevLane. 1) Set several alarms Step…

The Best Advice

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Here’s my Chance, HMC,  is a creative agency in Northern Liberties where I was lucky enough to land an internship. As an intern at HMC I had the opportunity observe and take on some real responsibility. I was able to…

Start to Finish Satisfaction

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Over two months ago, my publicist asked me to begin looking at racing events in the Philadelphia and Pittsburgh markets for an upcoming Disney movie. Back then, the movie was simply known as “McFarland” but Walt Disney Pictures decided to…

That time I didn’t meet Jake Gyllenhaal

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Alright, so the headline may have caused some curiosity but seriously, it happened. Most posts are all about the positives of the internship experience or overcoming the initial issues. This one deals with completely missing the internship mark and missing…

HMC University

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Here’s my Chance, HMC, is a creative agency in Northern Liberties. Their internship program is unique in that there was a great balance of guidance and freedom. We were never once left with a day that we didn’t have something…

“Moderating to the Max” Book Review

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Moderating to the Max: A Full-tilt Guide to Creative, Insightful Focus Groups and In-Depth Interviews, written by Jean Bystedt, Siri Lynn, and Deborah Potts, is an interesting and fun read for anyone interested in conducting interactive and enjoyable qualitative research…

Keep Your Mind, and Your Options Open

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062 SugarHouse Casino (2)
Two years ago, around Christmas time, I was having a conversation with my mother and stepfather.  I had three semesters of FOX prerequisites and GenEds under my belt and was lucky enough to intern at a financial planning firm.  The…