Show Them What You Can Do

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This Fall I have learned so much and gained so much experience from interning at the Chestnut Hill Business Association. Interning at CHBA was not a typical advertising internship, but I learned more about marketing an entire town of businesses…

Not an Advertising Internship at Famehouse

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The end of summer was a struggle before the beginning of my final fall semester at Temple University. I began applying for internships a little late in the game and felt pressure from all angles to make a decision on…

Annabelle, Kill the Messenger, and Events, Oh my!

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So, this semester I am a publicity and promotions intern for Allied Integrated Marketing. They have over 20 offices in the US and Canada. They primarily work in the entertainment industry, specifically for film studios. Before I started there, the…

Shy Won’t Fly at Skai Blue Media

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I’ve been shy my entire life. I tend to avoid situations where I have to talk to people I don’t know. Being anything but quiet and reserved is a struggle. This also affected my desire to show things I create…

Intern Learning Lunches at Tag Strategies

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16th Floor Office Window
I think one of my favorite concepts in the world is free food; you have to eat to live, right? Well as an Account Services intern at Tag Strategies this semester, every Wednesday for the past 2-3 weeks I’ve been…

Taking Chances at LevLane

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This fall I had the opportunity to have my first internship at LevLane Advertising. Although I am a copywriter, I took an internship in the traffic department. At first, I was skeptical because I did not know much about the…

Casual Agency Environments

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Man in computer room with feet up relaxing
When I used to picture working at a “real job” I didn’t imagine people would be dressed as casually as in the classroom.  But at the two PR/marketing agencies I’ve now interned for, that has mostly been the case.  It’s…

Getting It Right (Through Trial and Error)

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This semester I achieved one of my goals that I set way back at the beginning of high school, which feels weird to think about! For a while, I knew that I wanted to work at WXPN in some way,…

Live and Learn

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radio advertising
When first arriving to my media sales internship at Greater Media Philadelphia I was somewhat hesitant on what to expect. I have been there for about two and a half months now and I have already learned a lot about…

The Total Flop

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Borgata Water Club main
I recently attended the event that was intended to be my main project for the length of my internship with the event planning shop, Station Avenue Productions.  Many hours went into organizing this women’s wellness retreat held at Borgata’s Water…