Brand Yourself Pt.1


As advertising majors we always hear about the importance of branding ourselves. But what does that really mean? Why do we have to brand ourselves? Isn’t just having a portfolio, resume, and Linkedin account enough? If you’re still thinking about what’s the answer, it is no. During my interview for my current internship at the design consultency PlusUs, one of the elements my creative director said that set me apart was my experience with strategy and research.

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InsideBitcoins with P2PCryptogirl

Brianna at btc conference

I just had the chance to go with the company to an InsideBitcoin’s conference in NYC. @p2pCryptoGirl is my handle for networking and communicating with others in the field. There, I had the chance to meet a part time team member and venture capitalist named Jeanne and have dinner with NY’s finest in the industry. The conference was very fun and informative. A few companies had exhibits going on where they offered demos of their products and services. This experience taught me a lot about compliance and regulation involving bitcoin, and I had a chance to see some of the more branded competitors in action. Meeting some of these people who are so passionate in the Bitcoin space was really great. Most of the participants in this conference are very intellectual and have strong opinion involving the crypto-space. Many people were at the convention simply because they were looking to invest. It’s nice pitching out ideas and hearing their feedback when it comes to potential campaigns.

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Bitcoin Internship

brianna and machine

My internship is with CoinOutlet, Inc a manufacturer and operator of bitcoin smart kiosks. I had the opportunity this week to help create flyers and become a part of the company sponsored Lancaster Bitcoin Meetup Group. The company pays for pizza and beer, but has trouble getting people to come out in the area to these meetups. I was tasked with finding a way to get some people to join. The company has a machine in Lancaster stationed in a cafe called, 454 Grill. The owner, Leigh, allows meals to be paid in bitcoin so it was an ideal location for the machine. My boss gave me the chance to learn more about the machines by allowing me to see one in person and take it apart and mess with it. I helped make a brochure tutorial based on my own experience using the live machine. To get people to the meetup I created a facebook page and promoted the event more. The next meetup was more successful in people showing up and learning about bitcoin. In the future I think I will also help promote this by posting flyers at nearby college campuses.

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Confidence is Key


As my internship debrief meeting with my internship faculty advisor, Stacey Harspter, was coming to an end, I was posed with one final question: what do you think you learned or gained most from your internship this semester? Most people may have thought of different tasks that they were able to complete or interesting industry insights that they now have. After taking a moment to think about what I truly gained from my time with Tag Strategies in Center City, I answered the question with one word: confidence.

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The KYW1060 Sales Intern Experience


CoreyThe KYW1060 Intern Report

KYW 1060 RADIOWhat does a sales intern do at a major TV/Radio station in Philadelphia?

A sales intern has the opportunity to be around the best salespeople who know how to sell, take on new and exciting projects, listen to what’s going on around him/her, drink from the water cooler, learn many coffee is for closersmany names, and be a part of a highly energetic sales meeting every week.

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Chicken Soup May Be Good for the Soul but a Nonprofit Internship is Good for the HeartI

Blog Photo 2

This semester I spent my time interning for a nonprofit organization completely dedicated to finding a cure for Type II Diabetes, a disease that plagues millions and millions of Americans. Each year more and more people are being diagnosed for a disease that can be avoided (this is referring to Type II, not Type I). It is awful to watch close family and friends have to deal with this disease day in and day out for the rest of their lives and know that there is nothing that you personally can do for them. Or is there?

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Evoke Heath Internship Reflection

blog image
Today marks my last day interning at Evoke Health. I can’t believe an entire semester has come and gone. It is crazy to think that just four short months ago, I had absolutely no idea as to what pharmaceutical advertising was all about. Although I am still trying to figure out, I can honestly say I learned a great deal from this internship experience. To any undergraduate students who are looking for an internship, Evoke is definitely a great place to apply. Even if you are not interested in pursuing a career in pharmaceuticals or healthcare marketing, an Evoke internship is still extremely valuable. Here are several things I loved about working here:

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Lessons Learned


Well, it’s been a great experience working at Marshall Dennehey this past semester. I’ve gotten to be involved with many projects that had visible effects on how the business runs, which is always gratifying. I even got to use some of my coworkers in a research project I was conducting for school about motivations behind blood donations. I believe the buzzword for that would be synergy.

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Mid-sized reliability is no myth.

neither huge nor tiny.

LevLane is no “boutique” ad agency. However, it is also by no means huge. With about 60 employees, they fall squarely in the middle. At a larger agency, it’s easy to be concerned that you’ll be lost in the shuffle, or that the most work you’ll be doing is remembering everyone’s coffee orders. At a smaller one, having someone breathe down your neck while you’re trying to work and watching every little thing is both disconcerting and no way to get creative work done.

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