Umm… What Now?

My Internship is almost over. Now what?

I worked at Red Tettemer because I knew it would be a well-established agency that would be able to teach me a lot. I really liked the range of clients they worked with and I wanted to see the strategies that runs those brands (including Planet Fitness, Morningstar Farms, and Dockers). The agency is a friendly, fun environment that let me learn in a fast pace. I feel like I have been instilled with great knowledge for future jobs or internships, but I just really have no clue what I want to do next!

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Pipe Up

pipe up frosty

The line between “well informed, eager young professional” and “blabbermouth” is a fine one. When I first expressed interest in entering the Advertising game to the folks back home, I was hit with a few, “That’s a good idea, you like to talk a lot.” style jabs. I couldn’t really argue against them, and honestly that fact did influence my decision to join the copywriting cause. I like to talk, and I think I’ve gotten better at it since I first started. While my goal has been to produce more “on-brand” copy than “on-brand” small talk while moving around LevLane Advertising|PR|Digital as a copywriting intern, the latter is still an important part of the gig. We do a lot of brainstorming together, shooting ideas back and forth until they’ve got all the unnecessary fluff knocked off of them. That’s how we get to the good stuff. If we weren’t willing to talk through ideas others might not understand at first, those good core ideas would all get lost in semantics.

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Share Your Summer, but Fall into Fall


Summer always goes so fast, doesn’t it? It’s little things that start approaching in late July that grab our attention and remind us of the fact that it unfortunately doesn’t last forever. The “Back to School” commercials, fall clothes on the covers of magazines, even things you need to plan at your work. Last summer I worked in the back room stocking a retail store, and we started to get CHRISTMAS items in the late summer.

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Where I Don’t Belong


I have never seen Mad Men. In high school, my freshman journalism teacher was so gung ho about the program that I decided to avoid it at all costs, just to stick it to the man. To this day, I have continued boycotting the bandwagon to preserve my own image of the industry. Thankfully, her obsession with advertising led to a small unit including the 1979 documentary, Killing Us Softly, which examines the way women are portrayed in advertisements. I was so intoxicated by the idea that these handpicked words and images could affect the mindset and behaviors of hundreds of thousands of people, that ultimately, my life’s’ course was decided in those short 30 minutes. I would use my words to try and change the world for the better.

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When you start your first internship, you are most likely going to be so nervous that you only worry about all the things you’ll mess up on. Take some chill pills – you’re fine. I felt the same way. But after working at Red Tettemer for a couple of months, I’ve got a much better understanding of how agencies run. You will understand too once you begin interning, The people who hired you know that you’re new to all of this. So, here are my Top Three Must-Knows for the new interns out there.


Be a Chameleon

I was hired as an Account Management Intern at Levlane for the summer. This being my first internship, I figured that I would basically be following an Account Manager all summer and simply learning about the job. Little did I know, I would be helping with not only the account department, but PR and client relations. Whenever someone needed a little extra help, I was there to assist.

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Going the Distance

If you thought group projects were tiresome while you’re in the same class room, imagine having 3 group members in Chicago, 2 group members in New York (different locations), and 2 in Philadelphia, all working together on a four week project that we have to present on the 1st day we all meet each other face to face. Can you say, welcome to the real world?

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Art + Food Event

My name is Rachel Gomberg and I am an upcoming Senior in the Advertising program with a focus in Art Direction. This Summer I’ve had the pleasure of interning with Art Sphere Inc., a non-profit organization located in Philly which provides art classes to low-income youth in the city. In addition to art classes they do fundraiser events, mural events, and neighborhood clean-ups. I was hired specifically as their graphic design intern right in the middle of the coordination of their latest fundraiser event titled “Art & Food”. This event has many big-name sponsors in Philly, mainly the Art Institute of Philadelphia. For this event, there will be numerous well-known Philadelphia chefs that will cook food for the event and consequently the attendees will vote for most artistic and most flavorful plates. This event is supposed to raise a lot of money for the organization from the ticket purchases. So far, I’ve been designing print materials for the event. For example, the awards for the chefs, posters about the chefs, event brochures, and welcome signs. In addition to these designs, I’ve been helping out with spreading awareness about the event with posts on facebook and hanging up flyers in the city. I must say, I’m really glad I got to have this experience interning at a non-profit for a cause I strongly believe in. As a person who has taken many art classes and has a deep appreciation for the arts, I strongly believe in the purpose it serves for our community and I am happy to help bring art activities to our youth. I always was worried about where I would land an internship and even a job after college with Advertising, as I didn’t want to advertise for companies/products I didn’t believe in. It was really lucky that I ended up landing this internship at Art Sphere, Inc. and anytime I’m feeling lazy or not in the mood for work (it happens to the best of us), the cause of helping bring art into the lives of kids whom don’t have the means, is what motivates me every single time. My experience so far has been exhilarating and I can’t wait to attend the Art + Food event that will be at Vie restaurant on July 23rd!

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What’s Behind the Big Blue Door?

Dozens of highly motivated and generous people who put in countless hours of work to make their dream come true – their own small business.  I have been able to get to know several entrepreneurs of the Incubator Program in the Small Business Development Center and am grateful that everyone is always so helpful and outgoing.  They aren’t so consumed in their everyday work that they forget about the lives of others, I have had numerous conversations about my summer classes, from Spanish to swimming and also the Women’s World Cup and Temple women’s soccer.
You might think of a serious-looking, always too busy, business-professional when the typical “businessman” pops into your head.  But my internship at the SBDC has taught me that there are kind-hearted people in the business world who love to learn and who love to help you learn too.

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