Small Business, Big World

Did you know Temple has a Small Business Development Center?  Because I didn’t.


But now I do, and I am a part of the process for small businesses to hit the ground running.  As a Marketing and Consulting intern, I have worked on various projects for clients in the Incubator Program – which is where start-up businesses are able to pay very little for a lot of resources.  They provide cubicles, a conference room, two larger work spaces for collaboration, internet access, copy and fax machines, training/consulting services, and access to interns – AKA me!

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Having Fun with Social Media



Hi, guys! It’s Nicole. On my pervious post, I talked about AG’s business and my first day experience with AG. On this post, I would like to talk about my thoughts on AG’s Social Media Strategy Plan. Although I was hired to be an Art Direction intern, I got to touch the side of social media as well.

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Internship + Food = Awesome!



Nothing is better than to be an intern in a company, which involves with the word, FOOD!! Agree or Disagree?

This summer, I am working as an Art Direction intern in AG catering, located in Fishtown. AG catering is a “2C” company, which means–it’s cool and classy. Their services include, catering to team building to hosting events. It has been months since I got the intern position. I can still remember how nervous I was on my first day. I greeted some of my colleagues, and we talked about our lives and the company. It was pretty chill. My nervousness quickly decreased from 99% to 10% by the end of the day. In the internship experience, I’ve been working on the design of AG’s website, their media kit, and the social media strategy plan. It was challenging, but it was fun after all. I get to use what I have learned in school, and apply what I’ve learned to the internship experience. I feel successful and motivated. I finally get use my skills on something useful! How great is that?!

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The Two Coolest Things


What I am learning and experiencing at my internship with Harmelin Media is reinforcing my desire to work in the advertising industry (as a media planner specifically). The projects they give me prove they invest in their interns and want us to get the most out of our experiences. With that said, I wanted to share two of coolest assignments I have been given thus far.

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Working as a Team


One of the biggest things I learned in my role as a Social Media Intern at Propulsion Media Labs is the importance of working as a team. While we all want to succeed and be the best at our job, it is important to realize that the best way to success is good communication amongst our co-workers. At my internship, I work with seven other social media interns. We all have the same responsibilities, but work different days and times. This means we need to be able to communicate our jobs and responsibilities in order to execute the project properly. While it is initially difficult to communicate among that many people, it taught me a valuable skill that I will gladly be using in my future careers.

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Eenie Meenie Miney Mo…Which Artist’s Work Do You Like the Most?

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 9.45.59 AM

In my role as an intern at Jako Enterprises I assist with multiple events. Our latest event was UBIQ’s Converse X Made By You Event that we hosted at the store on May 8th and May 22nd. First of all, there were four different artists on the 8th. Each of them has his/her own style of drawing but as long as you either brought an old pair of chucks or bought a new pair of chucks, you had the opportunity to have an artist of your choosing customize your shoes! Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 9.42.11 AM

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Transgender Flag Raising

While serving as a writing intern at, I’ve had the chance to cover several compelling events. Most recently, Thursday, June 4th, 2015 the City of Philadelphia raised the Transgender flag in honor of London Chanel and the many other Transgender people who have been murdered because someone did not agree with their chosen lifestyles. Today is a bittersweet moment, because while the flag is raised in response to these tragic events, it is the first time in history that the Transgender flag will be raised next to the United States of America flag.

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Thrown Right Into the Mix


Walking in on my first day as Traffic Intern at LevLane, I had very little clue of what I was going to be doing. Compared to other advertising agency departments, I had little knowledge about the traffic department. I was curious and excited to see what was in store for me. I was  immediately greeted with positive and friendly people, including my supervisor, who introduced me to the employees and gave me a quick tour of the office. After quick instructions on how to log into my account, use my new email, and use the agency network, there was no time to waste.

I was told Mondays were the busiest, and that certainly was not a lie. On my first day I was already fixing and updating status reports, organizing job jackets, and carrying job jackets to different departments throughout the agency. Being thrown into the mix like that may have been a little hectic, but I learned so much even on the first day. It was nice being able to get into what I would doing immediately, and it helped me to learn quickly.

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Big vs. Small…Which is more intimidating?


I have worked for a big company for the past four years now (over 2,000 employees) and at first, it was intimidating. There are so many people all around and it seems as if no one is paying you any mind. You’re the newbie on the block. Making friends can become difficult, but once you start meeting people within your training and getting to know the people around your designated space, that’s when the shell starts to break. Then a new heard of newbie’s comes in and it’s really not so bad.

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