Sometimes All That Matters Is Who Likes You

The other week I was dropped from a hold at my freelance job. This happens all the time – jobs cancel, dates get moved around… no big deal. But then I came in to the studio and overheard them talking about the job still. I realized that it was still happening… I was kicked off of it. So of course I was pissed off, kindof hurt even, racking my brain to figure out what I did wrong. Was I doing a bad job as a photo assistant? Did I forget to clean something, or say something wrong in front of a client? I was stressing out.

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The road to the top is full of trash and coffee.

The most valuable skill I’ve learned so far at my internship is how to keep the trash can empty and the coffee flowing. Basically with what I do, my entire job is to make sure that there are no problems and nothing goes wrong. In a photo studio, clients want to be impressed, and they don’t want to worry about anything. And the photographer wants to put on a show and make everyone feel like he has everything under control. Casually. So that means the trash is always empty, the studio is always clean, I always know the wi-fi password, I can give them directions to anything they need from the neighborhood, and most importantly, there is always always coffee.

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Be Someone to Remember

Everyday when I walk into my internship at Siquis in Baltimore, as a junior account executive I don’t just try to do great work, but I try to make an impression on people. I make a point to say good morning to almost everyone in the office. Siquis is a small agency, they have about 30 people, so it isn’t that hard to make the effort to say good morning to them.

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Sky High Blue


Who would have thought starting an internship would shape my future and the things I want compared to the things I thought I wanted. Joining the Independence Blue Cross team was intimidating. Going into the big city everyday to go to a high floor and look over the beautiful city of Philadelphia. It felt as if I grew up overnight and wasn’t a college student anymore but a business woman working in the city of brotherly love. I wasn’t sure how the corporate life would treat me and what exactly I would be doing. All I knew was I was excited to work in such a respected corporation in Philadelphia.

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Beyond the Job Description

As an Account Management intern at LevLane Advertising, I thought my summer would be spent crunching numbers at a tiny desk tucked away from the “real” employees. One hour into my first day on the job, I quickly discovered that I was in for an amazing experience. Every clichéd idea I had about a drab, fluorescent lit, cubicle-filled summer was completely shattered.

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Network Network Network


From as long as I can remember I have not been the small talker. I’d run out of something to say in about two seconds flat and then just stand there awkwardly. This hindered me from even trying to talk to some people at times in fear that I might freeze up and my general questions like “how are you?” might not cut it and make the person pick up the conversation. The thought of freezing in front of someone that was my superior even frightened me more. What if I look stupid? What if they ask something I don’t know the answer to? All I hoped was the other person would continue to talk so I didn’t have a chance to make myself look bad. Being an Intern at Independence Blue Cross has helped me develop as better networker.

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What we do at R.B. Packaging Innovations

Being an intern at R.B. Packaging Innovations has been a once in a lifetime chance for me to work alongside my brother in revolutionizing the prescription pill bottle. We have a unique design that not only saves cost in packaging and shipping, but achieves a hundred percent satisfactory rate among those who have seen it. Our bottle has a push and slide cap that makes it easy to open, yet mentally challenging to figure out. I am happy to be at the ground floor of such a blossoming company and I am confident that in time our bottle will revolutionize the world.

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The Ball is Beginning to Roll

Today we met with one of the largest plastic manufacturing companies in the world to discuss our revolutionary prescription pill bottle. It was the second time meeting with this company and it went very well. We have, and presented, molded parts which work and look great. A few more tests and we’ll be prepped and ready to show this to the world.

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