Posting a Blog

Posting A New Blog Entry

Posting a new blog entry or editing one you have in ‘draft mode’ is a simple process. Your first step is to log in. Go to

Scroll down and look to the righthandside, 2nd column to META. Click the login link and it will take you to a WordPress Username and Password login area.

Once you have logged in, you can make a new article by finding Posts on the sidebar and clicking Add New (or Edit if you need to find an article that you have saved as a draft.) Do not add a Page, which is meant for static content such as this tutorial and should only be used by administrators.

Once inside the article editing interface, writing an article is fairly straight forward. The visual editor is based on the What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) concept. That means for the most part that if the article looks fine in the editor, it will look similar on the Web site. Still, make sure to use the preview button on the right of the editor to make sure everything looks fine. One common formatting error is related to paragraphs. To make a new paragraph, just hit enter. To make a new line that is not a paragraph hit Shift + Enter (otherwise known as a soft return). Several other standard shortcuts will also work in the editor,  such as Control + B will make text bold. (Control + I will Italicize)

When you create an entry, look at the categories (shown on the right of the text editor) and select the category that your blog entry fits into. It can fit into more than one, but doesn’t have to.  After you have chosen the category, then add tags (choose from most popular or add new ones if they don’t cover what your entry is about).

When you have completed your work, select Submit for Review. Make sure that your Draft becomes Pending. Once your blog entry has been moved to Pending, the professors will review it. You cannot change your article once it has become Pending.

If your article has an image, you must add information to our system that tells it what image to use for a featured image. The featured image thumbnail is used to give a quick visual of your post when someone is browsing the site, along with a short excerpt from  the article.