Marketing Presses on in an Uncertain World: Interning for an Essential Wireless Network Company

In the summer of 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, I took a marketing internship with Rajant Corporation at their headquarters in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Rajant produces excellent wireless networking and communications technology needed for critical environments such as military, transportation, public safety, security, and mining. As an advertising major, I must admit that the marketing internship both filled some of my expectations from studying at Temple as well as bringing in some surprises as well. Some of the marketing/advertising strategies we utilized that I learned from Temple included: competitor content/social media audits, research for crafting campaigns, social media presence, knowing your audiences, and segmenting them to address their specific wants and needs. Some of the strategies I found quite new were: writing company case studies and blogs, hosting and observing webinars by industry, preparing for upcoming trade shows and events, as well as upkeeping your brand’s reputation of professionalism and style by decorating both your building and your website appropriately.

I joined Rajant’s team, because I was inspired by their company’s mission: to supply first responders and the military with the dependable communications technology they need to save lives. I met some wonderful and brilliant people there. One of the people who inspired me the most was Alice DiSanto, their AVP of Marketing. She is a founding member of the Women in Security Forum, for the Security Industry Association (SIA), which strives for female involvement and representation in the security industry. After hearing her speak during one of our webinars, which are typically presented by men, I felt hope for women to be seen and respected in all industries.

I am extremely grateful for my marketing experience with Rajant, especially during this difficult time for both our nation and world. I was taught: how to write for a company and not just for my own creative gains, how to work with a team of professionals and help assist them with whatever they needed, to be more thoughtful about the branding of the company, and to never underestimate the help that colleagues can provide for everyone to succeed.

I also had a lot of fun. Many of Rajant’s employees are very passionate about the arts, which is a great fit for me. It is not uncommon to see musical instruments around the office. One of my favorite moments there, included a spontaneous performance I gave on guitar and vocals during a lunchtime barbecue, which was met with nothing but support and positivity.

If you live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, or near their location in Morehead, Kentucky, and have an interest in the engineering of wireless networking technology or want a marketing experience working client-side, Rajant’s internship program might be a fit for you.

Almost like family: CEO Bob Schena, the company Pastor, and visiting musicians “From the Keys of E,” pose for a photo with me after my spontaneous lunchtime performance of What a “Wonderful World” and “Dream a Little Dream of Me” with From the Keys of E. The featured title photo was taken as my author headshot for writing my first official Rajant blog posts.




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