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University Guest Speaker: Andrew F. Smith

    Andrew F. Smith, the author of Drinking History: Fifteen Turning Points in the Making of American Beverages, will be discussing his book at Paley on March 26th, discussing the history of All-American drinks such as Coke and Coors, as…

Machinery Philly!

Yesterday we had speaker come in for Creative Thinking (an ad course). Mr. Ken Cills of Machinery Philly gave a presentation on “how to be creative” and what has worked for him. I wasn’t able to find a site for…

Finch Brands: Business & Brand Evolution

Finch's take on branding is that consumers want to invest themselves emotionally into a brand and it's Finch's job to make that make that connection happen. Getting ideas is easy, but getting clients and consumers to buy into them is the hard part.