Book Reviews

Brandwashed by Martin Lindstrom

In this podcast, I share my take on whether or not it’s ethical to do research for advertising purposes to pregnant mothers and their babies in the womb.

Ethnography for Marketers – A Book Review

Ethnography for Marketers is a hand-held guide for ethnographic research that dives into every branch of the qualitative method from a professional and applicable standpoint.

Made to Stick Book Review by Michelle Bouh

Made to Stick

“Made to Stick” by Chip and Dan Heath discusses what makes good ideas flourish, what qualities bad ideas lack, as well as what qualities good ideas have in common that makes them sticky. According to the two brothers, good ideas are simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional, and include a story. Chip and Dean claim that by following these six essentials, any idea is almost a guaranteed SUCCESs.

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Advertising in the Digital Age – Book Review

Book Review for Lee Odden’s book, Optimize.

I discuss the importance and functionality of SEO, as well as online content marketing.

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Consumer.ology: The Market Research Myth, the Truth about Consumers and the Psychology of Shopping

41s0HOFTbsLThroughout Consumer.ology, Philip Graves discusses market research. He explains what exactly it is and what needs to change within it in order to gather reliable information. While I went into this book with the idea that market research (i.e. collecting consumer opinions through in-depth interviews, focus groups, customer satisfaction questionnaires, online surveys, etc) was incredibly imperative in the advertising world, I came out of it realizing that these methods are not helping companies gather reliable data, and as a result, many products are failing. As stated by Graves, “at the very moment that any consumer research works on the presumption that consumers know what they think about a particular subject, in the sense that this is indicative of how they will behave when the moment of consumption arises, it has made a fundamental mistake” (31).

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Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping


Why We Buy


When you step into a store or shopping environment, have you ever wondered why signs are placed where they are or why there is two feet of walking in between isles? Paco Underhill, the author of Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping, created a company in which he and his colleagues credited themselves on mastering the science of shopping.  Big name corporations would hire him and his company to execute research in their establishments, whether it is a department store or a family restaurant, and determine how they can be more efficient in their selling strategies.  Through his years of service, Underhill has uncovered incredibly insightful  bits of information that have allowed these companies who get the help of Underhill to have one up on the competition.

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