Almost immediately upon opening Unmarketing, you’re introduced to the idea of the hierarchy of buying. This idea, created by Scott Stratten and his team, helps to answer the question “why do you buy?”. The theory is set up as a pyramid split into 6 parts with each side of the pyramid’s axis representing trust, relationship, and competition. Inside of the 6 parts of the pyramid are cold-calls, search through ads (so something like yellow pages or search engines), recognized expert in the field, current relationship but have yet to purchase, referral by a trusted source, and current satisfied customer. The idea behind this pyramid is that as you go up towards the point, you gain trust and build strong relationships through the different methods in the sections, and in turn have less competition. This theory proposed by Stratton serves as the foundation for his book and for the idea of unmarketing as a whole, and that’s what my book review focuses on.