‘When in Rome… or at a Travel Agency!’

Post by Frances Monari, Hi, all! My name is Franni Monari and I have had the pleasure of interning with The Roman Guy as their Content Marketing Intern this spring. The Roman Guy is a travel agency that runs…

User Flow

Progress with Promotions!

My name is Tyler Correa. I'm a senior studying advertising with a concentration in brand strategy and research, and I've spent this semester as a marketing strategist with Realtime Media.
A brief overview of what a Seer Interactive Intern works in

SEO, PPC, and Analytics: A Brief Overview

You’re eating a new brand of breakfast bars, and then a question comes to mind. Something along the lines of: “What are the healthiest granola bars?” In decades past, one might have looked in a book or asked a fellow…

A Permanent Internship

Most fellow students I have come across took an internship in a traditional ad agency, or marketing company that would naturally progress into either a job, or teaching the tools in order to land one. I, however, decided to intern…