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My name is Tyler Correa. I'm a senior studying advertising with a concentration in brand strategy and research, and I've spent this semester as a marketing strategist with Realtime Media.

My name is Tyler Correa. I am a senior advertising major with a focus in brand strategy and research. As I prepare to graduate this December, I’ve had the opportunity to work at Realtime Media (RTM) as a marketing strategy intern.

Located in Conshohocken, Realtime Media occupies a unique space in marketing and advertising as the leading digital promotions company, specialized in the development of engaging games and loyalty programs that can support many marketing goals. These promotions include sweepstakes, contests, and other gamification strategies that can boost goals such as acquiring new customers or generating user-generated content for brands.

With over 20 years of experience, they credited to the development of the first online scratch card, the first collect and win game, and the first “tell-a-friend” referral campaign. Realtime Media operates as a full-service agency, offering all steps of promotional campaigns from development, prize strategy and fulfillment, and legal administration. Some of their notable clients include Netflix, Walmart, L’OREAL, CVS, Fender, LG, and more.

The most rewarding part of this internship was being part of a small team that trusts me. I was able to work directly beside the marketing director and take charge of major projects including:

  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Paid keyword strategies using Google Ads & Analytics.
  • Writing engaging copy for blogs and web pages.
  • Helping develop strategies for improving the usability and performance of the website.

Despite some of these tasks being unfamiliar to me, they pushed me to learn more. The images below illustrate some of the UX strategy changes I worked on – from initial conception and sketches, to wireframes. Currently, the design team is using some of my ideas to build a new homepage concept! In addition, several of my blog posts can be found on their company website.

These experiences also helped strengthen my skills in with different analytical tools such as Google Ads & Analytics, SEMRush, Salesforce, and more. Aside from technical skills, the meetings I participated in with the senior-level staff strengthened my communication and problem-solving skills.

Realtime Media has invited me back as a summer intern and I’m excited to continue supporting this wonderful team!

Wireframe built on Whimsical
Sketch wireframes, original concepts

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